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Hans Boin – After All These Years


Astrid is in love and at an exam party it comes to a climax.  They lose track, after years, Astrid returns to the Netherlands. He still is the man of her dreams

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After All These Years  by Hans Boin 

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Astrid is in love and at the final exam party it comes to a climax. Due to a mutual misunderstanding, they lose track.  After years of living in France, Astrid returns to the Netherlands. She temporarily stays with her mother. Here she meets old school friends, soon it becomes clear that she is still in love with him. He has remained the man of her dreams. How to proceed now?

Continue with her life or tell the truth, which could turn his whole life, as well as hers, upside down. She may even lose him as a result.

She finds work in a big hotel and everyone is happy with her. More and more often she sees her lover and slowly she allows him into her life.
But the biggest problem is yet to be solved, but how many friends should Astrid help?

A party, this time without wine, becomes the turning point in the lives of Astrid and her lover.


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