Why?? by Hans Boin made for kindle


When a man hangs himself in the middle of a bridge and in the middle between the water and the bridge, all sorts of strange things happen afterward. A car explodes. Someone with a brain tumor is beaten to death. A man burns to death in his home and another man receives bullets in his abdomen and legs, and four people in an old people’s home die unnaturally.
The police are completely in the dark. Their biggest question: what ties these men together. What does this woman have to do with and who did all this and most importantly why? Two detectives do their best, once a woman is found and enters the game, some clarification finally comes, but is it?

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The e-book titled ‘Why’ Is a crime story with several aspects.
Extortion, torture, art forgery, gambling and poker.

It begins very innocently, with a couple of friends playing cards for a few pennies. Very slowly the amounts get larger. Especially when outsiders join in. A museum director starts selling the real pieces and has fakes made to keep it from being noticed. With the extortion of the painter, things go wrong.
How wrong is better to read that in the book ‘Why’ by Hans Boin

This  e-book is the english translation of ‘Kunst, Kaarten en Kogels’ and made for the kindle e-readers


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