Free Sample – Willy Dubbelaar – Wrong Choice – (Kobo-ePub)



 Willy Dubbelaar – Wrong Choice

Free Sample, made for Kobo – ePub  

All of life consists of making choices; if you go left, you don’t know what’s right. So it is with this history. The nephew of Catherine and Chris’ neighbors also makes choices. This Jeroen has gambling debts. The neighbors of have had a few paintings in the family for centuries. When Jeroen hints that they probably have a lot of value, a choice is made.

A wrong choice?

An elderly couple is robbed of two small paintings in broad daylight. Their neighbor Chris is an ex-policeman and goes to investigate. Via an old file, he ends up in Paris and finds himself among the French and Albanian underworlds who slaughter each other. Eventually the two paintings resurface and are sold at auction.


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