Free sample – The Next Greatest Love-kobo



Free sample – The Next Greatest Love-kobo

Lucas and Paula’s relationship is not really going well. Therefore, Paula goes with a friend to a wedding in Spain and…. stays there. Lotte, their 8-year-old daughter is inconsolable. Lucas gets into a relationship with the mother of Lotte’s friend, but then?
Then Lotte gets sick, seriously sick even meningitis. But eventually she climbs out of it. Slowly, regularity comes into their lives.
Paula wants nothing more to do with them. She wants a divorce and Lucas gets full custody. But when Paula later does send a lawyer to them for custody, his world is turned upside down. He fights back and wins, but still he gives Paula the right, that Lotte may go to Spain during the vacations, it is her mother, after all. When Lucas turns in his paintings and sculptures at an exhibition, he meets the director and is hopelessly lost; only after business problems does he see that she is the woman with whom he, and Lotte too, wants to live on.

3d picture of The Next Greatest Love by Françoise Ogier
‘The Next Greatest Love’ by Francoise Ogier



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